Sunday, January 29, 2006

travel bug, and dawson-bug

it probably was more of my condition than the food quality, but i could not eat even half the breakfast provided around 8am before the plane landed SFO at 10am.

being in NZ during their summer month, whith newspapers hammering on beach scenes, my realization of excessive growing of waistline, did bother me a bit.
so i should've been watching what i eat, yet for some reason my digestive system seem to have taken a space-excelerator-program of a sort, and have been killing me with frequent trip to ever-so-unavailabe local restaurants of Dunedin during off-hours, and to toilets; i must confess i'm glad i wasn't worshipping toilets like some poor folks were, tho.

anyways, i was famished at Auckland airport, couldn't stop not eating for an hour without feeling sleepy and dizzy.

yet, airplane food just didn't work for me.

after chowing down sashimi-over-rice, which i usually divide the portion in half for two meals, i napped a few hours, and had the dinner.
yet i can't stop reaching out for chocolates and am getting a cup noodle prepared.

wonder if i've also got caught that stomache bug, from flight to Auckland. let's hope not. the desc. of it seem pretty gory and ugly. and one of the movies on-demand in flight was 'transporter 2' and it was about highly contageous virus injected to a little kid to inject his father who will in turn infect some government official in charge of drug cracking.

anyways, looking up planet linux, trying some simple c syntax, and boiling cup noodle, i got "Dawson's Creek Season 3" on DVD.

silly, but it's theme music, "I don't want to wait, for my life to be over, ..." really sticks to me. sorta weird, considering how i escaped this 'Beverley Hills 90210" frenzy when I was still in school. Up until this 'tomkat' business stirred up the whole media, I was into the DVD edition of the show and have watched first two seasons. Abruptly as it was, this whole media-frenzy made me a bit reserved to watch it. As of two weeks ago, somehow I was able to pick it up. The music makes me smile again. ^^

so it's eating binge, computer binge, and drama binge.

i so hope i wouldn't be sick w/ this stomache flue thing, it'll be so awful.


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