Sunday, January 22, 2006

inflight movies -- In Her Shoes

New Zealand Air's aircraft was pretty neat, with newly-designed overhead compartment that made the ceiling feel taller, and individual light that accomodated this new design, and remote control for individual video/audio-in-demand that works as a phone on one side, and remote/game console on the flip-side. there were plenty movies, tv shows and games available. 2 meals served, dinner about an hour after flight took off SFO and beakfast served 2hrs before landing were also pretty edible and services and humor of attendants were nice, too.

As I've not seen the movies at the local theatres in a while, I watched "In her shoes" and "40year old virgin" both recommanded by my sister. I particularl liked "In her shoes" and "40 year old virgin" also was a decent pick. If I wasn't sleepy I wanted to play some of arcade games as well, but never really got to it.

Shirley McLane in movie was pretty interesting, especially compare to Jane Fonda in "Monster in Law" another in-flight movie I watched a few months back. From the review I've seen Jane Fonda was pretty picky about how old she looked, and demanded some smoothening of her wrinkles during movie editing, whereas Shirley McLane seem pretty ok with being a grandmother with shabby look. Maybe she'd had more experience playing an old lady, but it was nice & cute role she got.

Most interesting aspect of the movie was the role play of two sisters. My sister doesn't like me being the uptight responsible one at times, and she's elder one. Interesting.... I thought.
Not that I think my sister is a glam like Cameron Diaz, and having her phD in engineering she's hardly a mentally challenged one. Contrary, I probably am more tangled up when it comes to complicated and boring stuffs. Should I be the clutz unable to hold onto job, and love to party all the time? Having a sister to compare to the two main characters in the movie makes the plot rather personal, I guess. I wondered if that's what went in my sister's head as she read the book and went to see the movie.

I like Cameron Diaz' performance as well as most other castings.
I wonder what it's like playing irresponsible young sister with life of fun, heh. Maybe I'm just like her. Maybe people are all complex and have a bit of both sisters' trait...
Either the role of elder sister or the younger one, it is pretty intriguing. And, the movie makers & actors have done a pretty good portrayal of emotional transitions and maturity of both.

It's like "Secret Sister-hood of Ya-ya" only this time the relationship between sisters instead of mother & daughter.

Maybe Amazon & Ebay will get my business for a book and DVD.


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