Saturday, January 21, 2006

safe journey to Dunedin, NZ

15+ hours of flight and some 3(?) timezone change, and 2 connecting flights, I'm finally in New Zealand. is still not fully setup, and no connection available yet. The registration booth was being setup today, and nice volunteers did come to pickup speakers at the airport in vans.
It's a small university town, out of session if not counting Summer session.
In a way it's odd, having summer in January. People driving on the opposite side than in America, green trees & small college town, and 12hrs flight, I was joking earlier that if we find good curry restaurants in downtown this trip will be a lot like trip to Swansea, UK for ukuug.
Its being sunday and in the middle of summer session, the town is very quiet, and finding a place open for lunch was not an easy task. I did make a note that there's a sushi/korean restaurant named 'Arirang'.... oh well, the town is alright after all. heh.
Campus is pretty, and I was told Queenstown is some 4hrs drive away.
More actions anticipated tomorrow, the big monday. ^^)


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