Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oops, Embarcadero Center lighting isn't today.

Returning late from Sharks last night led to another, until it was way after 2pm that I went to bed. Waking up a few times, yet it wasn't noon 'til I woke up. Late but refreshed, it's a nice and lazy sunday. After late brunch of pancake feast, I headed hurriedly to downtown to watch Embarcadero Center lighting ceremony between 4pm and 6pm.

Getting off Muni 38 on Powell, I was happily surprised to see H&M opened. It's been a month or so since I took Muni to Caltrain for commute, thus I didn't realize it opened up so soon. The booming store separated entrance & exit to do head-count of customers. Line was pretty long, but was moving fast. I was in store within minutes, and saw how booming it was. Made me remember the busy shopping street of Myongdong in Seoul from last month's trip. With 'Forever 21' also opened recently, I do hope SF downtown recovers long recession and have a nice holiday sales. Many items were cheap and were on sale, but I didn't dare buy anything with such long lines.

Embarcadero Center had many people skating, and yet there was no other special events. Buildings were outlined with yellow lights, separating buildings from dark sky, but that was about it. Naively thinking that perhaps things will be different at 6pm, we went over to Ferry terminal, hanging out at bookstores and at shops inside. Returning to the center by ice rink around 10 to 6 o'clock, we did a bit more waiting. There were people lined up to get food hand-out, but that's about all action I could see.

After getting some thing to eat and returning home, I realized the event is on friday the 18th. Duh! It was fun watching ice skating and some shopping in downtown, but I seem to have missed Embarcadero Center event today.

Oh well, better luck next time, I guess. And, I should pay better attention to dates.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous onni said...

Hey Dude,

It sounds just like you.. Forgot the date? I was laughing.. couldn't stop laughing... why both our sisters get so excited over holiday? I also told co-workers that I am on holiday mood already.. don't ask me to work too much. well.. the spirit of the holiday! Don't wait the christmas tree to light up next weekends until next month. :-) :-P :-D


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