Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scent of old books and obsession of childhood manhwa on Bosu-dong

On the way to Kukje market from Hotel Commodore, I ran into Bosu-dong bookstore street entrance accidentally. Wasn't in plan 'til tomorrow, but I couldn't resist and headed to bosu-dong's narrow bookstore streets before getting into kukje market streets. At first I was a little hesistant. Had much hope to buy up everything and anything in sight and yet also I was a bit shy about engaging with eager shop owners to negotiate for price. I so hope to buy some chinese writing practice books, some history related fictions & non-fictions, and some classics not easily found in US. Also, I wanted to find out more about my childhood favourite manhwa, animated novels called manga in Japanese that's catching its popularity in America as well. I somewhat sheepishily asked for works by artist named Kim, Dong-hwa and store's assistant girl helped me locating this item called 'Mongma ui Si' translated to poerty of wooden horse. Opening the book, I saw titles of other works he's done and so much memory rushed to me. I think I'll be asking more of his works such as 'Yong-o sonsaengnim' (English Teacher), and ask other artists from 80's and 90's.

Shopping around Kukje market and Kwangbok-dong also was very much thrilling. Wanted to buy so many items, small and big, and wanting to stay longer.

Can't wait to go to Jagalchi market tomorrow, and stop by Bosu-dong again and ask about my old time favourite manhwas. Or perhaps I'll start searching on google for them. Huhu, I'm back to little girl in far away never-land of manhwa. hehe. I used to spend hours at that bookstore street, searching through piles of old book, where I'll find some interesting paperback for like 200-won(equivalent to like 20-cents) or 500-won which were a lot to me at the time.

Anyways, glad to be back home. It's been too long, and too far away.


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