Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Vaio release in Seoul

Slashdot had this:

Posted by CmdrTaco on Wed Oct 19, '05 09:00 AM
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Shawnzyoo noted that Sony has released their new series of VAIO TX laptops. In order to make them stronger/lighter/thinner, they are now made of carbon fiber. No plans to release it in the US yet, so start learning Korean if you want this one.

So obviously, once we got to Seoul from Sorak-mountain climbing on friday, we tried to spot electronics stores, computer stores, Sony stores in Seoul.

I've been to Seoul like 3-4 times, each time for about 2 days w/ relatives & friends guiding me, in my life, so I'm about as a tourist as one gets in my motherland. After looking at maps a few times, and after getting lost a few times now I know how to spot Sony Style stores and large electronics/computer department areas in Seoul; to tell the truth it happened more accidental than by my amazing navigation skill. On subway greenline exit for 'Gangbyon' is a large electronics/computer department store, 10 story tall, having all home appliances, some clothing shops, cameras, watches, computers and large selection of DVDs, ... And, there's this small electronics shops row in Ch`onggyech`on near Dongdaemun(Eastern Gate) subway stop. And, there are Sony stores in Gangnam COEX(Korean Trade Center Mall) at Samsong subway stop as well as in Apgujongdong(Korean Rodeo Street).

Sadly, this model isn't released until November 11th. So I didn't really get to be awed by my laptop's yet newer model siblings.

Should I make an extra trip? So many interesting events seem to have occured prior to my visit, and there seem to be so many intersting upcoming events in Korea in November, after I return to the states.

Will have to monitor Korean websites on Nov. 11th to see how this new model's reception is like.


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