Monday, October 24, 2005

Korean Food rendezvous

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Thanks to Chizu's korean vacation booklet, we've decided to try gamjatang(literal translation would mean potato soup) for our dinner after a long day of sightseeing Kyongju all day.

I've heard of the name, but I wouldn't have tried it myself if it wasn't for her suggestion. Yes, I am a chicken when it comes to eating something unknown, thanks to my health-food guru grandmother who'd eat about anything known to Korean that are healthy.

As we near the train station to head back to Busan, and still having about 2 hours, obviously everyone's mind was on food. When we couldn't decide on restaurant after about 10minutes of walking around, I left the group in a street corner and had to look around downtown Kyongju looking for a place to go. There was this place with 'Wonjo Gamjatang...' (Wonjo means original) that seem to be clean, large, and yet authentic enough, so I hauled them over for our sit-down meal.

Well, our taxi-driver took us to tourist-lunch spot earlier that day, and though food was good, food we got wasn't quiet enough to satisfy our hunger as it was, and thus we were glad to get a large pot being present to us, when we ordered dinner.

Since I've never had this gamja-tang myself, I couldn't tell how big the portion is and for how many it was for. I was told medium dinnerset would suit four of us just fine.

When we ordered, one of the lady watching TV got up, searched refrigerator at lobby area and carried this huge pot from it, that seem to have occupied entire shelf.

4 rice on the side, some side-dish vegetables, and a large pot on camping-stove came out.

The pot had pork rib, broth of pork rib, some halved peeled potatoes, greens on top, and in about 2 minutes it started boiling and we lowered the heat and helped ourselves with soup on our individual bowl. Meat was tender, and there were un-sliced kimchees also cooked in the broth and it was pretty tasty.

I didn't realize it's been an hour, and Chizu didn't realize herself, Simon and David already finished 2 bottles of beer when I finally said "I can't eat anymore or I'll burst."

Now I'm not so reluctant to try gamja-tang or other food lesser-known to me than bibimbap & tofu-soup.

Was a nice & relaxing trip back on 2.5 hr train ride as we were tired and our bellies were full, easily placing us to a sweet dream land.


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