Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Camera Crews at Incheon

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With all the bus stop directions and helpers, finding the hotel shuttle wasn't all that easy. For Best Western and Hilton, I saw shuttles come and go, and come and go again. But not the hotel I was given, so finally we hopped onto Best Western Incheon Airport hotel shuttle. That was about an hour or so after arriving at Incheon airport, with no luggage to pickup.

With suspicion and with much hope, 10 minute ride ended and we entered the hotel. Immediately I saw the long pole with microphone and lots of people at front desk, and more people sitting at lobby chair. Most of front desk was taken over by filming crew and the one on leftmost was available for everybody getting off the shuttle and for other hotel guests.

I've noticed an older man ahead of us asking to check in for the same hotel name as us, with the same expedia reservation confirmation paper. The front desk clerk called our hotel to request for shuttle stop to pick him up, and we had to request that we be pickedup as well. I was told it should be momentarily, but in reality it took about 15minutes waiting.

Out of curiosity, I hopped in and out of lobby and parking lot outside, took some photos until was stopped by crew member, and saw KBS bus and truck out in parking lot as well. I also saw some guys moving back and forth between lobby window and KBS truck to add lighting to the filming that occurs inside. Out of some 20 people there I recognized two guys to be actors in Korea.

Have no idea what show they were filming, but it was pretty cool, as I've not yet had a luck of witnessing filming in San Francisco nor elsewhere yet.

Hope I wasn't too much of nuissance, but it was definitely worth going to Incheon Airport, staying a night over before heading to south, and made getting lost not such a bad idea.

Shuttle that went to airport stopped by Best Western to pick up three of us and continued another 15minutes drive to the hotel I made reservation with using expedia.

I still thought of filming scenes when I went to sleep...


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