Saturday, October 08, 2005

NPR, Dan Brown and Da Vinci

Thanks to Border's sales gimick, I've finally got caught w/ "Da Vinci Code" fever a week ago and munched down the book in about a day and half, even as it was still a hardcover.

Having already read the book and picked up a few juicy gossips around religions, such as possibility of Leo being a gay for one thing, and picking up a word 'Opus Dei' another, when NPR's saturday broadcasting began with nomination of Harriet Maier which led to religions, and one of the segment was entirely on religions mostly around christian-dome, I couldn't help but smile as the name Dan Brown and a word 'Opus Dei' came up every 30seconds.

So is it true that there's such a religious group as 'Opus Dei' in existance? It seems so, and did it really enjoy warm-welcome of Vatican while previous Pope was in charge? I'm no religion expert so all I know of 'Opus Dei' is from Dan's book and what I've read through the book as a fictional background seem to be depicted in the broadcast that piques my interest.

Last time I paid this much interest on history after reading a fiction was when I read Philipa Gregory's "The Other Boyln Girl."

I guess I should put a sticky note for myself to look into historical background behind Dan's book "Da Vinci Code."


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